{par-al-lel: very similar and often happening at the same time}

A little over a year ago, I met a kindred spirit in an online photography workshop.  Serendipitously, we were placed in the same small group, and I was instantly drawn to Melissa of Melissa Rowley, Photographer because of her insightful and thought provoking comments, not to mention the incredible images she produced.  Shortly into the workshop, we realized just how similar our lives are.  Wives, mothers to two boys, urban dwellers (she’s in Minneapolis and I’m in Dallas).  We also noticed that we shoot similar subjects and have many shared experiences.

As 2015 was coming to a close we decided to do a photography project together and it didn’t take long for our idea to surface: test our theory that we are soul sisters leading parallel lives by getting to know each other better through a year of monthly themes to see if we have as much in common as we think.  Working together on this project we saw growth in our friendship as well as our photography.  Not wanting to end, we have decided to continue on in 2017 with a focus on emotional storytelling.  This year we will create one image each month depicting an emotion that will hopefully resonate with the viewer.

I am so thankful for our friendship that spans over 1,100 miles.  I know each month I will eagerly await seeing Melissa’s images.  And in the off-chance we end up realizing we aren’t quite as similar as we thought, I know this project will forge and even greater bond between the two of us.  What began over a shared love of photography has grown into so much more.


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