Being a mom is hard, often leaving me frustrated and drained.  Sometimes I miss the carefree days before we had children.  When every night was date-night, when I completed entire novels, and when we would take off at a moment’s notice on a trip.  Now it’s soccer games, homework, and intervening in disputes all day, every day.

But then there are the extraordinary moments.  When I catch the boys being incredibly kind to one another, when they succeed at something that had been a struggle, or when they just snuggle up and give me a hug.

This Thanksgiving both sets of grandparents were visiting us.  We all wrote things we were thankful for on leaves and taped them up on the windows.  And while there were some leaves that said “Star Wars”, “Legos”, and “TV”.  There was also the leaf in my youngest sons scratchy handwriting that crammed in all the names of their grandparents, as well as “Family”, “Sunrises”, “Friends”, and “Music”.

When I see the kind and caring individuals our boys are becoming, I realize that it is all worthwhile.  This little family we have created means everything to me.  I am filled with gratitude as I look to the future and realize the best is yet to come.

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