The Routine

We just made a big move and I think it was hardest for this guy.  Having to leave friends and everything familiar was not easy.  When the movers arrived, I made sure to get his room set up as soon as possible.  That evening, as we settled into our nightly routine of reading as we have since he was itty bitty, he snuggled up to me and I felt him relax.  He looked around and said, “It’s a good room, I like it.”

Routine has always been a necessity for my oldest.  By the time he was just a few months old, he already had a strict schedule.  As a new mother, I felt judged when people thought I was being overprotective and told me to relax.  They didn’t have to deal with the aftermath when there was a change to his schedule.  I learned that I couldn’t accommodate others at the sacrifice of his needs.  It was a difficult lesson for me in motherhood.

Over time, he has become a bit less rigid which has made things easier for our family life.  But, on that first night, it was our routine that provided the stability and comfort he was craving.

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