The Pile

The Motherhood Project|May

I know I’m not alone in the mom struggle of trying to manage all the piles that constantly appear.  The piles of laundry, the piles of mail, the piles of shoes strewn about at the front door, etc…This month, one of the piles I’ve been hit with is the artwork and classwork coming home.  While I desperately want to save every handprint, writer’s workshop story, and piece of artwork, I just can’t.  First of all, our house isn’t large enough.   Then there’s also the fact that we are slowly cleaning everything out in preparation of our move a few months away.

It breaks my heart as I throw bits of their childhood away.  And I am reminded of how quickly time is passing.  It seems like just yesterday Jeremy was hopping onto the bus for his first day of Kindergarten.  Thankfully, I have photography to document our days.

Now go check out my sweet, talented friend Bonnie to see her take on motherhood this month.


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